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From Factory to Learning Community: Transforming the US Public Education System

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If you are an organization development consultant, manager, leader, or change agent, Mastering Systems Change, is crucual. Please join us for a three part series on systems change in April, May, and June.

We begin the series with efforts to create change in US public schools.

Both the US public and experts agree, major change is needed.  The drop out crisis, America’s drop in international rankings, the widening achievement gap and a disengaged, under-challenged youth are calling upon this nation not to reform its educational system, but to transform it.

Join Julie Wilson, Tim Lucas, and Tom Bigda-Peyton, who share decades of experience in education and systems change for case studies, tools, and concepts. 

About our presenters

Julie Wilson is the Founder and Executive Director of The Institute for the Future of Learning. She is a graduate of Harvard’s Technology, Innovation and Education program with more than 15 years’ experience as a consultant, trainer and coach. Read her Education Week blog post System Transformation, Whole Child Focus, and Community Design.

Julie will share her story of change from working as an organization development specialist at Harvard University to founding a non-profit devoted to systems change in public education, and recent Institute projects. She will also share her insights on how to grow a nation-wide movement for change.

Tim Lucas is a co-author with Peter Senge and others of Schools That Learn. He is a board member of The Institute for the Future with 40 years experience in public education as a teacher, administrator, and consultant. Tim will share case studies and tools from his work with school systems.

Tom Bigda-Peyton is a consultant, researcher and educator in high consequence industries such as healthcare and aviation. He is a former history teacher and headmaster with extensive systems change experience in the public and private sectors who studied with organizational learning pioneers Chris Argyris and Don Schon. Tom will provide a cross-sector system change perspective.


Thursday April 17, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST

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Pine Manor College 
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